About Us

We are a team of parent volunteers dedicated to improving the environmental standards at the school district where our children attend school, in Poway, California. As involved parents, we have seen that there is very little infrastructure created by the district for recycling paper, bottles, cans and other basic forms of sustainability.

We have been researching and comparing our school district’s standards to those of other districts of comparable size and have found that schools that are diligent about recycling not only reduce their carbon footprint, but save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

The solutions we have proposed, when implemented, will save the district thousands of dollars, and empower students on every campus to create a more sustainable school environment and cleaner world to live in. Our ideas will not add any work to our already over-worked and under-staffed custodians; in fact, our program will make their job easier, and their campus greener!

So, we invite you to join our team, and stay updated through our blog, or join our Facebook fan page, Greening PUSD and follow our progress. We welcome any ideas and feedback and believe that great changes such as these requires the effort of an entire community…..so….we hope you’ll join our team!


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